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Belinda is asking her boss for a raise

Belinda has been working at the call center for three months, and it is time for her to receive the full-time employee raise, but she has not yet received it. Carlos, who was hired at the same time as her, has received the pay raise on his paycheck already, and she wants to make sure that her raise will be on her next check.
Belinda: Hi boss!

Belinda: Hi boss!
Boss: Hi ya, B. Good to see you making use of my open-door policy.
Belinda: Boss, there is not a door on this office. You have a good sense of humor.
Boss: Well, are you here to get some new jokes?
Belinda: Not new jokes; I actually noticed a discrepancy in the accounting.
Boss: Well, thanks for bringing it up! We always need good solid accounting in this business.
Belinda: Wonderful, I’m so glad you can help.
Boss: So what is it?
Belinda: Carlos actually pointed it out to me.
Boss: Don’t give your brownie points to Carlos!
Belinda: OK, well, here is his pay stub, and here is mine. Since you told us last week we had both been promoted to fu…

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