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english conversation

Marie is not from the richest of the families but she wishes to buy clothes. Not being so sure if she can pay for it, she rejects many dresses. Marie and Andrea have come to the mall on an afternoon and are strolling by the shops. It is just a casual visit to check out the latest items in fashion.

Marie: Hey do you like that dress? Let’s go inside that shop. Should I buy it?
Andrea: You see. Take it if you like it.
Marie: I can’t make up my mind at all.
Andrea: It’s because of the price.
Marie: Yeah, you are right maybe.
Andrea: Check the other lots too. There is no compulsion of taking it if you do not like it.
Marie: Okay, I’ll try the ones hanging at the left corner.
Andrea: Check some modern clothes. It’s high time that you wear something that’s in.
Marie: Fine.
Andrea: Hey, all of them are unnecessarily overpriced.
Marie: Yeah, I was thinking the same too.
Andrea: So you want to go out?
Marie: Maybe, that is what I am thinking.
Andrea: Let’s go then, there is no point unnecessarily buying something that you don’t like.
Marie: Okay let’s go.
Andrea: Don’t you think we should take some drink from the coffee parlor.
Marie: Yeah, you want to have a cappuccino?
Andrea: I’ll be okay with that.
Marie: I’ll order a black coffee.
Andrea: Fine. Go for it if you like.