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english conversation

It is a buffet lunch at a special restaurant and John and Christina have come there to have some great food in great amount. Christina is a foodie so she has tough time deciding what she wants to eat. The buffet offering has only one cuisine from which you can take anything as much as you like.

John: What do you want to have?
Christina: I want to eat Chinese.
John: Okay so do we start from soup?
Christina: No, wait I want to have Lasagna too.
John: But that’s continental!
Christina: So what? I’ll have both.
John: Look, we can have anything from one cuisine only.
Christina: Bad rules for a buffet.
John: Now what do you want to have?
Christina: Okay, Chinese is final.
John: You want some drink with it?
Christina: Yeah, some champagne.
John: But that is too costly!
Christina: Okay, then Blue Lagoon.
John: Have you come to this restaurant before?
Christina: No, I have come to the opposite one once with a brother.
John: I’m sure you will like this one more.
Christina: Let’s see, I don’t easily like things.
John: But this is special, definitely.
Christina: Let’s see.