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Jonathan and Chris have not seen each other for a while and Jonathan is a good basketball player. They play basketball every evening and they study in the same school too. Chris is the basketball captain of their school team. Jonathan and Chris are very good friends as such. Jonathan is so passionate about basketball that he never misses practicing it.

Jonathan: Hey, how have you been? Haven’t seen you in a while?
Chris: Actually I was having my exams, so I could not come.
Jonathan: Okay, so how did your exams go?
Chris: It was okay, nothing great just as every time.
Jonathan: I have improved my perfection in hitting a three pointer!
Chris: I think this time you might get the captaincy of your team.
Jonathan: How do you know it?
Chris: I have friends, you know!
Jonathan: No please tell me, who actually told you that?
Chris: No, it isn’t anyone.
Jonathan: You better tell me, else I am leaving.
Chris: Okay fine, I am dating the present captain of your team.
Jonathan: Okay, now that is really great!
Chris: He says you deserve it.
Jonathan: But I was not expecting it at all!
Chris: There is no need to be humble.
Jonathan: Did you recommend him my name?
Chris: No, not really. He seemed to have made up his mind since a month back.
Jonathan: Then maybe, it’s time that I start believing I deserved it.
Chris: Completely!