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Having come to a nail salon for the first time, a little geeky and self-centered Alexis is a bit tensed about what is going to happen. She is a person who gets tensed about almost every little thing. On the other hand, Keisha is smart and thinks about what they should do next. They have a discussion based on all this.

Keisha: Hey what do you think, should we hit the beauty parlor?
Alexis: Let’s finish this first.
Keisha: You are so slow.
Alexis: What’s there to be slow in this?
Keisha: You won’t understand.
Alexis: How much more time will it require?
Keisha: Look, this is not something like you are getting a bridal make-up.
Alexis: First time is always panicky.
Keisha: It’s a nail salon, what’s there to panic?
Alexis: Fine, sorry.
Keisha: I always used to wonder why your nails look so shabby.
Alexis: And I always wondered how do yours look so perfect?
Keisha: You must have included the probability of divine touch in it!
Alexis: Well not really, but yeah sometimes.
Keisha: I knew it!
Alexis: What is wrong in that? Oh, now it’s not cool! Is it?
Keisha: Exactly.
Alexis: Okay, maybe it’s time to go?
Keisha: No wonder you have never come here before. Now can you stop showing that to people?
Alexis: Fine, as you like.