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english conversation

Both first timers to a prom, Antonio and Scarlett have no experience or idea about what exactly happens at a prom. They only have a hazy overview which they have concluded while overhearing what their friends speak about regarding prom nights. They are very excited about it and they argue about what is going to happen while traveling to their prom.

Scarlett: Tensed? It’s your first prom after all.
Antonio: So is it yours.
Scarlett: No, I have known my friends going in them for a while now.
Antonio: Scarlett, there is a lot of difference in knowing and going in them actual.
Scarlett: You just dance around, that’s it.
Antonio: Yeah, now that’s how much you know of it!
Scarlett: What?
Antonio: See, there is a lot more to it than dancing in a prom.
Scarlett: Who said? Okay, but it’s basically dancing.
Antonio: It’s not a disco!
Scarlett: Look, do not argue.
Antonio: I know it correctly.
Scarlett: Shut up!
Antonio: Don’t fight unnecessarily.
Scarlett: Fine! Any of your friends are going?
Antonio: I don’t know. I hope I don’t see my ex-girlfriend out there!
Scarlett: So do I. She is absolutely stupid.
Antonio: What about the guy who was hitting on you.
Scarlett: I took care of that.
Antonio: Then we are going to have a nice prom!