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english conversation

Adele and Scott need a place to hang out and what better than a fair. They are pretty lively people and love to be among the crowd. Food stalls and different kinds of food are always common at a fair, so they have gone ahead to have many of them and one of them is corn dogs. They are strolling around eating those.

Scott: So how has your college been?
Adele: It is not been that lively since last year.
Scott: Are you a foodie?
Adele: Yes I am. How did you know?
Scott: The way you are analyzing every food that you are having is a proof of that.
Adele: So you are a lot observant, I see!
Scott: Do you like these corn dogs?
Adele: These are not the best that you can get in this city.
Scott: Where do you get the best ones?
Adele: Well. A stall near Edward Street’s end has probably some of the best corn dogs in the world.
Scott: So you do not really like these, do you?
Adele: These corn dogs have a unique taste and style.
Scott: Maybe we could just sit outside the fair?
Adele: So that I enjoy eating corn dogs?
Scott: I guess, yes. That should be a reason.
Adele: Well I would not want to miss the crowd either.
Scott: Okay, then let’s stroll along.
Adele: Yes, that is what you have been doing till now!