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english conversation

Every evening Maya and Sheldon come to the park with their kids who play with other kids. Being just friends, it is a great time for them too as they get some time out of their houses and away from household work. But Sheldon is unaware that Maya is going to shift in another 2 months or so.

Sheldon: Why did you not come yesterday?
Maya: I had my brother’s wedding anniversary.
Sheldon: My son felt a little lonely since he is not acquainted to playing with others.
Maya: You know, in another 2 months we will be shifting.
Sheldon: Hey, did you not tell me that before?
Maya: My husband just got transferred 3 days ago.
Sheldon: But I’ll be leaving for a tour to Bangkok in 2 days.
Maya: So, is this the last day you will come to park before leaving?
Sheldon: Most probably yes and by the time I come back, you guys will have gone.
Maya: I don’t have any pictures of you or us; I mean our children are such good friends.
Sheldon: You don’t have a camera do you?
Maya: Which century are you living in? Isn't mobile cameras enough?
Sheldon: Oh, I almost forgot that every time. Shall we call our kids?
Maya: I guess it’s going to be dark. Yes.
Sheldon: Marie and John, come here fast.
Maya: You take the pictures first then I will. Is it alright?
Sheldon: Maybe we should sit near the lake and then the rocks.
Maya: Okay, I guess you sit beside the kids this time and I’ll click.
Sheldon: This Park is very beautiful and you have been a great friend of mine. I’ll miss you.
Maya: Keep in touch. I’ll miss you too.