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english conversation

They have been married for about 5 years now. Due to the geographical distance between them both, they spend very less time together. The relationship has not been working out pretty well between them both and has been plagued with numerous misunderstandings lately. After a lot of time, they are going out as an effort to revive their relationship.

Allen: How are you feeling?
Mary: Good.
Allen: See, I mean this was a surprise!
Mary: Yeah okay.
Allen: You seem to start a fight again.
Mary: Did I say anything?
Allen: But you are angry again! I can’t bear this.
Mary: Why do you do such things that I feel ashamed to speak of?
Allen: Can we talk about the movie. Remember those days when we used to go for dates!
Mary: I know, I truly miss all that.
Allen: Now it seems so distant isn’t it? Let’s relive those times again!
Mary: You used to wait for me and it seemed that it would be like that forever.
Allen: Times change.
Mary: How did you come up with the surprise?
Allen: Well, I thought to relive the past, just as I said a bit earlier.
Mary: Okay, I’m in.
Allen: Have you read the reviews of the movie?
Mary: Yes, it’s good.
Allen: Then we shall have a lot fun.
Mary: Yes, we will!