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english conversation

Joseph and Deborah have finished their short holiday that they squeezed out of their busy schedule. Now they are going to rush for their flight back home. They have to finish the formalities that are required at a hotel before checking out. They have not completely finished their packing yet. They are in a bit of hurry.

Joseph: Hey are you done?
Deborah: Yeah, just a minute or two.
Joseph: Well, I’m going to the hotel manager to inform him.
Deborah: Okay, take the keys.
Joseph: You get ready soon.
Deborah: I don’t take much time.
Joseph: Well we are already late.
Deborah: When is the flight?
Joseph: In two hours.
Deborah: How far is the airport?
Joseph: Not much, half an hour they say.
Deborah: Then there is nothing much to worry about.
Joseph: Still, you hurry!
Deborah: How much is due at the hotel?
Joseph: 200 dollars or so.
Deborah: Would you pay by your credit card?
Joseph: I think so.
Deborah: Okay, I’m almost done.
Joseph: Please finish packing till I come back.
Deborah: Yeah, done.