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english conversation

Myrtle, Olivia’s grandmother has unexpectedly been out of order. She was rushed to the hospital and now she is absolutely fine. A confident and a self made lady, Mrs. Myrtle does not complain about her health even if she is very ill. Olivia got the news of her ill-health a lot of time later. She is totally surprised.

Olivia: I am so sorry grandma.
Myrtle: How were you supposed to know about my sickness?
Olivia: I rushed at once knowing about it.
Myrtle: It’s okay.
Olivia: So how are you feeling now?
Myrtle: I am feeling a lot better.
Olivia: That’s what you said yesterday too.
Myrtle: Well after that things went bad.
Olivia: You don’t lose your humor even when you are at the nursing home!
Myrtle: I know!
Olivia: I wish I could be like you.
Myrtle: Well, you are, my dear.
Olivia: Listen, I’ll stay at the hospital all night.
Myrtle: What about your kids?
Olivia: I have brought some fruits and medicines for you.
Myrtle: Yeah okay.
Olivia: Okay, coming back soon.
Myrtle: See you child.