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Rick and Ben are taking a train to work. Ben gets on the train before Rick’s stop, so Ben has about twice as much time to spend on the train as Rick does. When Rick gets on the train, Ben is always working on a crossword puzzle. They are good friends because of their shared commute.

Rick: Hey Ben, how’s the crossword?
Ben: Oh, down to the last three words as always. None of the words I can think of will fit. Do you know a three letter word for “mother?”
Rick: You must be really tired. You look tired.
Ben: Don’t worry; I have an energy drink in my backpack.
Rick: Oh, that stuff is awful for you! You should try that new green caffeine stuff; it’s supposed to help you wake up early.
Ben: Why would you need to know about that? You always sleep in!
Rick: Sometimes I get up early – on the weekends!
Ben: If I only live closer to work!
Rick: One of our roommates might be moving out!
Ben: Because you smell, right!
Rick: Old Spice, man, it’s old spice. You know who really likes old spice?
Ben: Oh, don’t even go there! Are you really looking for a roommate?
Rick: Yeah, and you would be living closer to work – you might even get to sleep in once in a while.
Ben: That’s a really good point!
Rick: You should come and hang out and meet the other roommates after work.
Ben: Okay cool, let’s do it. Here’s our stop.
Rick: Are you going to that meeting this afternoon?
Ben: Yeah, I think all the teams are going to be at the meeting. I think it’s supposed to raise morale around here.
Rick: I think they would have better luck with giving us a pay-raise.
Ben: Definitely. Well, I will meet you at the meeting. Later, Rick!