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english conversation

Steven has invited Brenda to go to the beach. Her cousins are visiting from out of town, and since they are small, she has been assigned to babysit them for many hours. She is relieved to have a break from babysitting and is looking forward to the beach. Steven often visits the beach because he is a surfer.

Brenda: Oh, I’m so glad you’re here. I am so tired of babysitting all week!

Steven: I am glad all of my cousins live so far away. Do you have everything you need?

Brenda: Yeah, I have everything except lunch.

Steven: Don’t worry about that, I brought us a picnic. But we might have to eat the ice cream as soon as they get there, or it will melt.

Brenda: I had this dream about ice cream, and when I woke up, I was so disappointed I didn’t have any. I’m so happy you brought ice cream. Did you bring enough water?

Steven: I think so. If not, there will be a water fountain there.

Brenda: Oh, is this beach really popular?

Steven: Yeah, even though it is forty minutes away from town, there are lots of people there.

Brenda: I hope that my family won’t decide to bring my little cousins to the beach.

Steven: Don’t you like your little cousins?

Brenda: I enjoy them more one-on-one, than when I am responsible for all of them at once. They can be pretty rambunctious.

Steven: I’m glad we could go on this little vacation, then!

Brenda: So am I. Such a perfect timing.

Steven: I could tell you needed to get some sunshine. You spend so much time working, and then taking care of everyone, you need to get out more!

Brenda: Well, here we are now. I’m ready to go?

Steven: Yes, everything is here. Let’s go!

Brenda: I am so excited!

Steven: I hope there will be a few good waves. I brought my surf board.

Brenda: Oh, really, will you let me try surfing?

Steven: Of course. In fact, I am sure by the end of the day you will be able to balance on the surfboard!