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english conversation

Brittany is a client at the local credit union. A credit union is a small bank owned by the clients. Brittany has just received her paycheck from her job at the local drive-through coffee shop, and is in a very good mood. The bank clerk is also cheerful, and is being careful to deposit Brittany's check properly.

Clerk: Hello, I can help you over here!
Brittany: Oh thank you.
Clerk: What can I do for you today?
Brittany: I’d like to make a deposit, I just got paid.
Clerk: Oh, that is always an exciting day. Do you have your bank card with you?
Brittany: Yes I do, here it is.
Clerk: Thank you; please swipe your card here and enter your pin.
Brittany: Oh, I will have to enter it again. I pressed the wrong button.
Clerk: No problem, just swipe your card again right there.
Brittany: Did it go?
Clerk: Yes, here you are, Brittany. I see you have a savings account as well. Do you want to deposit your check into the checking or savings account?
Brittany: I want two hundred twelve in savings, six hundred seventy-five in checking.
Clerk: The rest in cash?
Brittany: Yes, I want to celebrate pay-day! I will take the last forty in cash.
Clerk: No problem. We also have a special program that will round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and add the difference to your savings account. Would you like to set that up?
Brittany: No thank you, I already plan how much I would like to save each month.
Clerk: Then here is your cash back, just sign here.
Brittany: Thank you very much, have a great day.
Clerk: Have a good weekend!