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english conversation

Tiffany and Eric met because they have friends who are in the same band. The band hasn't played any shows in the last few months, and so they haven’t seen each other lately. The cocktail party is at another mutual acquaintance’s place; they didn't realize they knew each other.

Tiffany: Eric! I haven’t seen you in what seems like ages.
Eric: Wow, I didn't know you would be here. You look lovely.
Tiffany: Thank you. Aren't you a dapper gentleman?
Eric: Let’s get you a drink. Come with me and tell me, how do you know our wonderful hostess?
Tiffany: She’s actually one of my consulting clients and she wanted me to be here so she could refer me to her friends.
Eric: Oh, congratulations. Good to hear you’re doing well! What kind of consulting do you do?
Tiffany: Specifically, helping people change their small choices to make big changes in their diet.
Eric: Does that mean I shouldn't eat meat?
Tiffany: Certainly not; it means that I am going to have a glass of wine.
Eric: I don’t see the connection.
Tiffany: There are always ways to enjoy the food you like and still have a balanced diet.
Eric: I always enjoy the food at that place our friend’s band plays….what‘s it called again?
Tiffany: The Elephant Walk Pub, that place?
Eric: Yes. How about I will get you this wine now and a beer at the Elephant Walk Pub next week?
Tiffany: Yes! Are our friends playing a show next week?
Eric: Yes, they are.
Tiffany: How fortunate that you found me here; I hadn't’t heard about their next show.
Eric: Yes, it’s been awhile since they have played any shows. Now what kind of white wine would you like?
Tiffany: The Cana Vines Riesling, please.
Eric: And I will have one, too.