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Paul and Pablo are working on an essay for their mechanical shops class together. They decide to meet up for coffee and talk about their school project outside of school so they can work together as a team.

Pablo: Hey Paul, sorry I’m late.
Paul: No problem, just as long as we get the project done on time, I’m happy. I ordered you a black coffee, I hope you like it.
Pablo: Hey thanks. I just like ideas with my coffee! Get the joke?
Paul: Isn't that what we are here to work on?
Pablo: I don’t think my sense of humor needs any work!
Paul: I don’t think I get your jokes. Anyways, I meant, we are here to work on ideas over coffee….
Pablo: Let’s write about how Kawasaki redesigned their KLR 650 after barely changing the design of the bike for twenty years.
Paul: Isn’t that the kind of motorcycle you drive?
Pablo: Yeah, but it will be great because I already know lots about it. I know where to do the research, too.
Paul: I really wanted to learn about the King Air Jet.
Pablo: Yeah, but what chance do we have to get on a King Air and go for a little flight.
Paul: I have a cousin who flies those little corporate jets. He’ll hook us up.
Pablo: Seriously! If we can go for a ride on a plane, why did we meet for coffee! Let’s go to the airport!