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Rachel has just heard that her cousin has been hit by a car. Andrea was walking to work when she got into an accident, and Rachel has just found the room where Andrea is staying. She hopes to cheer her cousin up while she’s stuck in the hospital.

Rachel: Andrea, are you in here?
Andrea: Rachel, is that you? I’m in the bed closest to the window, just move the curtain.
Rachel. Oh, I’m so glad you’re okay.
Andrea: Well, my leg is not okay, but the rest of me is just fine. I won’t be able to work for awhile.
Rachel: Were you scared?
Andrea: Didn't have time. That little car just cut the corner behind me and I didn't see a thing. The first thing I remember is looking at my leg and it was really awful. I could see the bone!
Rachel: Oh my god! Did the guy stop?
Andrea: Yeah, he called 911 and everything. It didn't take very long. My boss called me though and was wondering where I was.
Rachel: You answered the phone!
Andrea: Well, no, my mom did. She got to the hospital right away. Apparently nobody misses me at work for two hours!
Rachel: You shouldn't go back to work! You are such a great musician, you should follow your dreams.
Andrea: Well, my mom brought me my guitar, and I don’t have a roommate yet, so hopefully nobody will mind a little folk noir music in here.
Rachel: Are you going to sing about your broken leg?
Andrea: Yeah, and those lost paychecks. No worries though, I am expected to make a full recovery.
Rachel: When do you get to leave the hospital?
Andrea: Next week, I hope. Thanks for visiting me, cuz, I love you!