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english conversation

Christian and Victoria live together and this is their first time spending Christmas together. Victoria has a hard time deciding on anything, while Christian does not care about Christmas but he wants to make Victoria happy.

Victoria: Oh, look at all these beautiful trees. It’s so wonderful!
Christian: They’re all going to be dead in a few weeks!
Victoria: I’m going to beat you up if you don’t cheer up!
Christian: That’s a really good incentive.
Victoria: I will give you lots of kisses later, if you cheer up!
Christian: That’s more like it. How about this one?
Victoria: That one looks too short.
Christian: I like this one.
Victoria: I don’t know. Do you think it’s the right height? And what about the color – don’t you think that the darker green ones are nicer?
Christian: Well, let’s get one of those ones instead.
Victoria: Do they have any cedar? Cedar smells so nice, let’s get one of those.
Christian: Cedar isn't a Christmas Tree kind of tree.
Victoria: Oh no! I had just decided that was the kind I wanted.
Christian: Did you measure the dining room?
Victoria: Oh no, I forgot.
Christian: Well let’s go home, measure the dining room, and then we’ll come back. Then you’ll have time to think about what tree you want most. Except for cedar.
Victoria: That’s a really good plan, I love you.
Christian: I love you too.