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english conversation

David used to be a star football player when he was in university. He wants to introduce his nephew to a football game, because his nephew has never been to a professional football game even though his nephew, Nathan, plays on his own high school team.

Nathan: Holy, there are a lot of people here!
David: Yeah, football is pretty popular …. it’s a pretty rough game.
Nathan: I wonder if anyone on my team will make it here.
David: I don’t know … that Arnold is a pretty huge guy.
Nathan: He’s huge, but he’s pretty fast.
David: I thought he was about your size. I think you will get a huge scholarship.
Nathan: I hope Greg and I both get scholarships. We work really well together – he always knows exactly where to go.
David: Yeah, I've seen your plays together. They are really efficient!
Nathan: Too bad he couldn't come with us.
David: If you keep a close eye on the field, I bet you’ll pick up some new plays.
Nathan: I brought my game notebook – I can’t wait to share some new ideas with Greg.
David: Let’s get some snacks first, we’re not going to want to leave our seats!
Nathan: I’m going to get a burger, a hot dog, some popcorn and soda, I better get some of those little chicken wings and some chili fries as well!
David: What an appetite! I think I will order the same.
Nathan: We’re going to need a lot of energy to cheer. I’m cheering for the home team!
David: What! That is my team!
Nathan: Well, you’re going to have to cheer for the visiting team, because we need some competition.
David: Okay, but if the visiting team wins, you’re going to buy me a drink afterwards, right
Nathan: We have a deal!