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Joey and Claudia are going to see the local hockey team play. It is a very popular Friday night game, and they are wondering if their friends will be there. Then, Claudia realizes she might run into someone who would tell her parents she was at the hockey game with Joey instead of working at the local mall, like she told them, and she must reconsider if she should go to work or go out with Joey.

Joey: I can’t believe I finally convinced you to go see this hockey game!
Claudia: You and me both, my friend!
Joey: So why are you allowed to work on Friday nights instead of go to the hockey game.
Claudia: Because you can’t go on dates if you’re working!
Joey: Good point.
Claudia: Are we meeting up with anyone at the game?
Joey: Well, probably – there’s always someone I know at the game!
Claudia: That would be fun!
Joey: Unless they know your parents!
Claudia: Oh, no. You’re kidding, right?
Joey: Well, it’s possible, but unlikely.
Claudia: If they did I would be in so much trouble!
Joey: Yeah, but it would be worth it, wouldn't it?
Claudia: Definitely! But I wonder, if I can have fun without running into family friends.
Joey: Let’s do that option. I’m sure my group of friends will be there, and as long as you stay in a group, it’s unlikely anyone will trouble us.
Claudia: I don’t want to worry about it! I just want our team to win!