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Richard’s son has just joined a new school, where all the boys play baseball at recess. Lars likes outdoor sports, but has never played baseball before. So far, he has been chosen last for the team, which hurts his feelings, so he wants to improve so he can have more fun.

Richard: Let’s just play catch for a little bit.
Lars: Catch is boring!
Richard: If you can’t catch, you’ll be stuck in the outfield all day.
Lars: I already am. All recess!!
Richard: You don’t have to play baseball at recess – why don’t you start your own game?
Lars: All my new friends play baseball. I don’t want to play four square with the girls.
Richard: You probably will in a few years …. In the meanwhile, let’s work on your game.
Lars: I just want to chase people and get them ‘out’ …
Richard: Well, if you want to get people out, you have to be able to throw with good aim, and to catch the ball, so you can tag them!
Lars: Baseball is so boring!
Richard: Catch!!
Lars: Ouch! Dad, you hit me in the shoulder!
Richard: Bet you can’t hit ME in the shoulder!
Lars: I will, watch this!
Richard: Haha, I caught the ball. Catch!!
Lars: You hit me in the shoulder AGAIN!
Richard: You’re just going to have to learn to catch or you’re going to have very sore arms, son!
Lars: Well, I’m going to show you how good I will become at baseball!
Richard: That’s the spirit! I know you’re going to be great! OUCH!!
Lars: This won’t be hard to learn at all!! You could’ve caught that one, dad!