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english conversation

Chris and James are hanging out after school. They are brothers who play on the same soccer team, and James is the goalie for the soccer team. They have different colored jerseys for home games and away games.

Chris: Are we playing on the seventeenth?
James: Yeah we are. We are going to be the home team.
Chris: Our home jerseys are still at Aunt Christy’s house. We will have to wash them or we will have to wear those awful old jerseys.
James: That is so embarrassing when we forget our jerseys.
Chris: It is so embarrassing when we lose a home game.
James: Well, let’s just plan to win this next one. Who are we playing?
Chris: The Rattlesnakes! They are a really tough team to beat.
James: We should come up with some really good new plays.
Chris: No, we need some tricks. Too bad we weren’t twins with someone else who is a pro soccer player. Then we could swap players without the other team noticing.
James: If we had a pro soccer playing twin, he would be on our team, and we wouldn’t be worried about how to win!
Chris: Well if you have more creative ideas for how to win this next game, please let me know!
James: Learn to play soccer!
Chris: That was a low blow, especially for someone who didn’t score any goals last game!
James: Don’t make this about me—I’m the goalie!
Chris: Yeah, you let in all the goals last game!
James: You better quit before you get left at home during the game.
Chris: Ok, I will save some trash talking for the game then.
Jame: That will definitely help us win!