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Julia is meeting her dad for breakfast at a popular diner. It fills up for breakfast really quickly, but her Dad is a regular, so he always has a table. When she arrives, she calls him on her cell phone right away, so she can find him in the busy restaurant quickly.

Julia: Dad! Are you on your way?
Dad: Why are you calling me on your cell phone, I’m two tables to your right!
Julia: Oh there you are-- my gosh, Dad, I didn’t even see you.
Dad: Well, this diner may be busy, but I thought you would recognize your old dad! You kids, always on your little electronic devices.
Julia: Well, whose laptop bag is sitting beside you!
Dad: You got me there. I have to keep up with you all somehow!
Julia: What’s good here, what should I order?
Dad: I always order the same thing, so unless you’re a breakfast burrito kind of person, I can’t help you out. Here, have a menu.
Julia: Oh, yay! They have blueberry pancakes with ice cream.
Dad: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you’re going to eat that much sugar?
Julia: If I were sweet enough already, I wouldn’t have such a sweet tooth!
Dad: That’s my girl. Now, where is that waitress?