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english conversation

Stephanie has not seen her aunt Stacey in a year, and she has been anxiously waiting by the stairs that all new arrivals walk down after their plane has landed. She is worried that she has missed her aunt, and is just standing in line to get them to make an announcement.

Stephanie: Oh, I wonder where aunt Stacey is? I hope they will call her on the intercom. What if I don’t recognize her?
aunt Stacey: Stephanie? Is that you, sweet pea?
Stephanie: Oh my god, aunt Stacey! I didn’t see you! Have you been waiting?
aunt Stacey: Oh, I was just sitting on that bench over there, wondering if you saw me or not!
Stephanie: You mean you’ve just been teasing me, watching me walk around in circles?
aunt Stacey: Well, yes! I always love a little joke!
Stephanie: I was just about to go walk over to the baggage carousels to find you!
aunt Stacey: Let’s walk over there together. I can never fit all the clothes I need into these itsy bitsy carry on luggage allowances.
Stephanie: Did you have a nice flight, aunt Stacey?
aunt Stacey: Yes, I did, it was so pleasant. They even let me have a whole size Coke can; none of that watered down soda nonsense.
Stephanie: You always know how to ask for those things!
aunt Stacey: Ask and it is given, my little niece. Speaking of which, I have some presents for you in my luggage. Can you grab that leopard-spotted suitcase right there?
Stephanie: This one.
aunt Stacey: Yes, I don’t see any other cat patterned luggage around, do you?
Stephanie: You are really one of a kind, auntie!